Amory Starr has retired from academic life. This website will be maintained but not updated. She shares current insights and reflections at You can reach her by clicking the email link above.

Her most recent works are:

Shutting Down the Streets: the Political Violence of Social Control in the Era of Alterglobalization, NYU Press 2011.

"The Slow Objects Manifesto"

"Is Local Food a Social Movement?", Cultural Studies 2010.

Participatory Democracy in Action: A comparative study of the Zapatistas and the Movimento Sem Terra” Latin American Perspectives 2011.


all material on this website is provided for educational use only.


Greece 2011







The ever popular, Guide to Graduate School.


what to do after college? check out futures, a place to discuss and share research for progressive postgraduate possibilities . internships .... graduate programs... jobs... can be listed here.


NEW self-study course on technology and 3rd world development


take courses at MIT for free M.I.T. has put its entire undergraduate and graduate curriculum on line and you can self-study any course! press release and OpenCourseWare homepage.


get it!: mindmapping freeware feel organized instead of overwhelmed with a low-friction planning and thinking tool. keep track of your evolving conceptualization of something, or plan, with all the tangents, urls, links to the relevant files on your computer... it's also a qualitative analysis tool, you can code, thematize, trace connections between ideas... find patterns and gaps. best notetaking method for keeping track of unfinished thoughts (and barely begun ones). takes about 4 minutes to learn how to use. another good tool for notetaking on pdfs: skim (freeware!)

writing scrivener is a great tool to help you organize and be creative as you put together your ideas.

calling all alumni of the political economy of food course!!! this class has been taught every year since 1996! since that time, organic has become big business, immigrant meatpackers have gone on the big screen, the new york times' food section spends most of its time writing about farmers markets, chefs everywhere are talking about their farmers, lard is back in fashion, and i have achieved the dream from the living room of 2030 anacapa of having a restaurant in my house! the alternative food movement is one of the bright and hopeful spots in a pretty gloomy world today. let's share what we know and love about food and about this movement! get together on the new blog to keep up with ideas and connections in this amazing movement!

ligher fare: the true story of The Lord of the Rings...

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